Product Photography : Gustin Menswear

I had the wonderful privilege to work with stylist Hana Crumley to test menswear product styling and photography. It was a wonderful shoot and Hana was able to use all Gustin products for the shoot. Gustin is a fantastic menswear company in San Francisco, all handmade, in America, and crowd-sourced so that what would normally be a $269 product starts around $81. It’s a great idea, and I enjoyed photographing their products.  Here are some of the shots, and there is a full gallery on my website, where I’ll be growing my product portfolio. Here are two of my favorite shots.



b. Patisserie: Yummy Pastry Photography

In February I was able to photography the fantastic pastries by Belinda Leong at newly opened b. patisserie on California for The New Fillmore neighborhood paper.  It was wonderful, and I got the chance to taste the delicious Grande Macaron – which you must have if you find yourself on California. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot:

Above is Belinda herself serving anxious customers.

Click here to see the other photographs from the shoot!

BlackJet Launch Event: Private Jet Photography

I recently photographed the San Francisco BlackJet launch event downtown in Union Square. Other than shooting the event, I got the opportunity to photography a private jet on the tarmac which was exciting! I love planes and machinery.

Here are some of my favorites:


To see all the event images click here.

At the Civic Center – San Francisco Giants Win the World Series

So this was the first time I experienced a national team win a championship in their own city. I was at the Civic Center for the last 6 innings or so of the game, and I tried to capture the mood and the scene. Unfortunately after the win I missed the burning of cars in the Mission, but you can’t have everything all the time. Here are a few of the images, but the entire gallery is on my site – enjoy.

A Walk in the Neighborhood: An Image of My Favorite SF Parking Garage

I love this parking garage. I see it everyday, and then, while looking up photographers to assist I saw an image of it on a portfolio, but it was a runner in front of the building, looked like and advertising shot. This inspired me to take an photograph of how I see the building, which is very different feel.