Two Images Selected for the 2013 APA LA Off The Clock Curated Personal Photography Exhibition

I’m so excited to announce that two of my images were selected for the APA LA Off the Clock show this year! The reception is this Saturday, April 20th at the Helms Bakery Building in LA.  I am driving down to attend the reception, and if you are in town please stop by and see some amazing photography! As a sneak peak, here are my two photographs that were selected for the exhibition.

fine_art_architecture_Amanda_Hibbert_Photography_IMG_1314 fine_art_landscape_Amanda_Hibbert_Photography_IMG_1065

A Walk in the Neighborhood: An Image of My Favorite SF Parking Garage

I love this parking garage. I see it everyday, and then, while looking up photographers to assist I saw an image of it on a portfolio, but it was a runner in front of the building, looked like and advertising shot. This inspired me to take an photograph of how I see the building, which is very different feel.