Photography Career Rules to Live By

I came across this last December, and I thought I would share since it makes a lot of sense to me and I worked to apply this to the exhibition last Saturday.

Unfortunately I cannot recall where I found this, but it was contributed to William Hunt:

1. Be talented.

2. Be smart. Think. Don’t be a jerk. Be engaging. If you are determined enough you can meet anyone at least once. Take the situation seriously; don’t blow it. Take stock of yourself. Is the work fully realized and are you ready to approach museums or dealers?

3. Be focused. Be single minded. Be ambitious. Think in terms of the long haul and the full arc of your career.

4. Be clear. Be able to articulate what you are doing, not so much why are you are doing it but literally what it is. Rehearse what you are going to say. Keep impeccable records about your work.

5. Be ready. Have prints, have disks, have a resume, have business cards. Don’t tell me, ‘they’re at home’ or that you are ‘still working on them.’ Give me something to remember you by. Send a thank-you note, even consider mailing it.

6. Be full. Have a life. Teach. Get commissions, commercial work, stock, whatever. Get money, make love, be happy. It will inform the work positively.

7. Be active. Be your own primary dealer. Take responsibility for museum and magazine drop-offs. Approach collectors yourself. Develop a mailing list. Market yourself. Send postcards. Donate prints to charity auctions. Go to openings. Make friends with your contemporaries. Use them. Always ask to be referred. Publish or get published. Get patrons, mentors, advisers. Use them. Bear in mind that if you set your mind to it, you can meet anyone … once. It’s that second meeting that proves difficult. When you do meet that person, be prepared.

8. Be receptive. Take notes. Bring a pencil and paper to appointments. Do your homework. Know what sort of work galleries show before you approach them. Go look. Say hello, but be sensitive to a dealer’s time demands (unless you’re buying something). Have a sense of what’s out there.

9. Be merciless with yourself. Edit, edit, edit. Edit, edit, edit. Take out anything marginal. Make me hungry to see more of your work.

10. Be patient. Please.

– William Hunt

PCH Road Trip Photography – Driving the US 101

I’m getting ready to drive down to San Diego this weekend to continue my women’s rugby documentary (exciting!). So I thought I would post an image from one of my PCH drives. Although it wasn’t all sunshine, I enjoyed driving the windy roads in my Mini along the foggy coast. Road trips are one of my favorite things.


b. Patisserie: Yummy Pastry Photography

In February I was able to photography the fantastic pastries by Belinda Leong at newly opened b. patisserie on California for The New Fillmore neighborhood paper.  It was wonderful, and I got the chance to taste the delicious Grande Macaron – which you must have if you find yourself on California. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot:

Above is Belinda herself serving anxious customers.

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BlackJet Launch Event: Private Jet Photography

I recently photographed the San Francisco BlackJet launch event downtown in Union Square. Other than shooting the event, I got the opportunity to photography a private jet on the tarmac which was exciting! I love planes and machinery.

Here are some of my favorites:


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At the Civic Center – San Francisco Giants Win the World Series

So this was the first time I experienced a national team win a championship in their own city. I was at the Civic Center for the last 6 innings or so of the game, and I tried to capture the mood and the scene. Unfortunately after the win I missed the burning of cars in the Mission, but you can’t have everything all the time. Here are a few of the images, but the entire gallery is on my site – enjoy.

A Walk in the Neighborhood: An Image of My Favorite SF Parking Garage

I love this parking garage. I see it everyday, and then, while looking up photographers to assist I saw an image of it on a portfolio, but it was a runner in front of the building, looked like and advertising shot. This inspired me to take an photograph of how I see the building, which is very different feel.