Women’s Rugby Documentary Film, Elegance, Indiegogo Campaign Launched!

This year I’ve been very busy filming my documentary about women’s rugby; Elegance. So far the documentary has taken me to Philadelphia, San Diego, Florida, and Colorado. I’ve driven all over the Bay Area, to San Diego, to Greeley, Colorado and now I’m currently filming the USA Women’s National team in England during their UK Tour, and I need help getting to France for the 2014 World Cup!

If you can donate, fantastic! There are some wonderful rugby perks to be had. If not, please share the links for the film to spread the word and create more awareness about the project. I love rugby and I want to make the best film possible and with your help, I will be able to.



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Filming in Wales and Surrey for the USA Eagles UK Tour

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Following the USA Women Eagles to the world cup, and filming along the way! Got great footage at USA vs. Wales on June 28th even though the game kicked off with a downpour. Match went to USA with a 10-7 win over the Welsh.  The USA Eagles trained at Bridgend Collage where I got to see some sheep close up walking between the hotel and the training center. They might be making a film appearance….

Bridgend Sheep

Bridgend Sheep

Unfortunately restrictions place on the USA vs. England scrimmage on the 2nd prevented me from filming, however I snapped this quick pic. It was a gorgeous day for rugby!

Surrey Sports Park

Surrey Sports Park

Indiegogo campaign will be coming out soon! Hopefully you can support and get some great gear/perks as well!

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Product Photography : Gustin Menswear

I had the wonderful privilege to work with stylist Hana Crumley to test menswear product styling and photography. It was a wonderful shoot and Hana was able to use all Gustin products for the shoot. Gustin is a fantastic menswear company in San Francisco, all handmade, in America, and crowd-sourced so that what would normally be a $269 product starts around $81. It’s a great idea, and I enjoyed photographing their products.  Here are some of the shots, and there is a full gallery on my website, where I’ll be growing my product portfolio. Here are two of my favorite shots.